"I created Dope MCs Radio because I'm tired of hearing this bullshit they call Hip Hop. I've been tired since the mid 90's. Let's make it early 90's when record labels did away with graffiti, breakdancing, djs, etc.  It's like when my generation was heading towards our 20's, that's when mainstream Hip Hop was going to shit.  I mean, how do you let an industry dictate what you should listen to? How did you let them take away your culture and give you bullshit? Watered down bullshit. Now everybody breakdancing except us. Everybody scratching records except us. They beatboxing and we don't give a shit about old school Hip Hop.  Maaaan we invented all that shit and more! Hip Hop is a culture. Our culture. And we need to reclaim that shit and educate these youngsters on the history of Hip Hop. If we don't do it, who will?"

-Gigi Nero

Gigi Nero Media LLC

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